Trina’s passions

My main passion at this point is to reach a new generation with Hope for the Flowers and to publish another book I am working on that is sure to delight all ages as Hope for the Flowers has.  It’s what keeps me up too late, and the 1st thing I think about in the morning.

It took me a while within the Web design process to realize that we are designing more for people with small devices, than with computers, which is what I use to go on the web; a nice big screen so I can see!

I have increased my social media presence and it is such a joy to connect with so many people across the globe who have a very special place in their heart for Yellow & Stripe. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook yet, please feel free to find me at There is a review tab on that page for anyone who wishes to leave a review, feedback is always very much appreciated. We love our visitors posts too so feel free to share what you’d like. ♥

We hope, that Stripe and Yellow can now fly further than ever with their message of transformation and loving service.

Come back in due time, because I have lots of passions I would like to share here!