Stripe and Yellow celebrate their eBook launch!

Stripe and Yellow celebrate their eBook launch!

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Stripe and Yellow discussing ebook“Hello world,”  “It sure is big out here in cyberspace!”

“Dear Stripe, my wings tremble with the idea of being able to tell our story around the world and not be confined to words on paper. So much has happened since we were born as caterpillars 40 years ago.

“Oh Yellow! We would not have dreamed we could reach hearts with our story bouncing off satellites in seconds. Who would have dared think there would be a worldwide invisible network so everyone can be in touch with each other?

“Stripe, I so want to tell our story so people everyplace can understand how lucky we were, how blessed, to get off that Caterpillar pillar before it was too late. It was so awful but we couldn’t imagine anything else. Everybody seemed to be climbing to get to the top so we thought there must be something awfully good up there.

“How wrong we were Yellow, me particularly.  And I so wanted you to go back with me to find the secret of the top. How did you know that climbing over others would not get to a good place? You were smarter than I. You listened to your insides.

“Oh Stripe, I didn’t really know anything. I was desolate without you. But when I met a Caterpillar hanging from a branch I realized not every Caterpillar was climbing a pillar of squirming caterpillars. This one seemed in trouble, caught up in some hairy stuff.

“And Yellow, you didn’t just pass by; you asked if you could help. That simple question allowed you to get the answer that changed your life.  This wise one shared the secret that has made all the difference. And when you became your true self you flew to me who  thought to die as a Caterpillar was my destiny.  We couldn’t speak to each other, but somehow you touched inside me and gave me the courage to get off the pillar.

“Stripe, since we’ve been able to fly, we’ve been able to bring so much love and life to millions of flowers by carrying pollen. What a great and useful life we’re having.  Flying is so much better than climbing!  I hope all caterpillars will be inspired to go into their  cocoons and come out flying! There is truly room in the sky for every butterfly, but hardly any space at the top of a caterpillar pillar.

“Yellow! Being a butterfly is sure more fun than being a caterpillar.  It feels like we are touching that “more” of life as we bring Hope For the Flowers to so many.  Our book has reached millions, let’s hope our e-book will reach billions. Just imagine the better world that’s possible if 1 billion caterpillars get off their pillars and start to spread love by serving each other!  We can fly and carry the pollen of love from flower to flower!

“ In Hope always!”

Stripe and Yellow

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Meeting Julia Alvarez – “In the Time of the Butterflies”

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In The Time of the Butterflies: a novel by Julia Alvarez -- click for book summary

Seeing my older blog posts shared on this site suggests I need to get busy and share some fresher ones. So let me get started tonight!

Today, October 27, our new website went live! Tomorrow eHope is launched. We celebrate this but also those who communicate ideas thru stories.  Tonight, meet Julia Alvarez.

I just returned from the exciting climax to a program called “The Big Read”, sponsored by my town of Montclair New Jersey’s public library, Julia Alvarez, the author of “In the Time of the Butterflies” made an appearance. No, she was not with us physically, but she was surely with us. It was a direct, interactive conversation with an excellent virtual presentation on a large screen for at least 100 people. What an encouragement about the power of the story she expressed, as well is the power of virtual media done well!

Several months ago, someone who saw the big sign up in front of our library with the butterfly motif told me I needed to find out what this was about. They knew I raise Monarchs and other butterflies. (Sadly, hardly any in the past 2 years arrived from their winter in Mexico to lay eggs on my milkweed.)

I found out that this Big Read was not about butterflies, but about 3 human “Mariposas”; sisters who were murdered for their efforts to rid the Dominican Republic of the dictator Trujillo. From a true story virtually no one knew about, including me, to the sisters being celebrated by an official United Nations Day on November 25 commemorating them and focusing world attention against violence to women is quite a reach. That’s the power of story!

Here is a quote from Julia’s website celebrating Dede, the sister who survived and was forever asked the question, “Why didn’t they kill you, too?” as she received guests of all kinds from all places.

” Every day we can ask ourselves a version of the question the schoolchildren would ask her: Why am I alive today in this world? How can I serve? What can I contribute to see that justice is served? To ensure that every girl and boy in the world gets the opportunity to live a decent life? Each day that we provide our answer to these questions, the Mariposas are alive.”

Julia Alvarez was raised in the Dominican Republic and now lives in the US. There’s lots more that could be said, but I resolve to do more blogs, and probably keep them shorter then my lengthy tendency. So enough for tonight.

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