Refugee Mother

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trina-poem-slider-webI made this painting decades ago,
but published it in the midst of the devastation of Iraq.
For me it expresses 2 sides to the world we are living in – the love of a mother versus heartlessness.
Even in my affluent country there is severe poverty and insecurity.
Here is the poem I wrote.

“And the Word became flesh
and dwells among us”

Our God was born human in a stable, became a refugee to escape death by a ruler,
labored with his hands, was an innocent victim of capital punishment.

Rising from death, He gave his own spirit into our hearts
to love and serve each other as He served and loved us.

May we struggle for world of peace with justice
where the lion and the lamb feed together
and a little child will lead us until
He comes in glory.
Trina Paulus – 2008

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Christmas 2014 greetings

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Christmas 2014 greetings – nice and short!
May you have that peace the world cannot give today and always.
Much love and HOPE!

This was videoed on iPad in my living room by Mireya Stead and the details added by Scott Scowcroft Thank you!

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Egypt – “Like a Knight in Shining Armour”

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“I don’t worry about the wounds.  When I go up there, which is my intention, the Big Judge will say to me, Where are your wounds?  and if I say I haven’t any, he will say, Was there nothing to fight for?  I couldn‘t face that question.”     Alan Paton, “Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful

These astonishing weeks in Egypt, I think have revealed many knights, females and males, young and old, educated in schools and educated by life. Thinking about this great and peaceful revolution, and the struggle ahead to make it real in the lives of everyone, reminds me of what happened in South Africa. Let’s pray that the resolve to create a democracy in Egypt, that is real for all, succeeds, and shines steadily as a beacon for the world.


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Haiti, Prayer, Hope

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As the whole world is turned to the tragedy of Haiti, and the poor becoming poorer, wounded or dead – we seek for meaning.

A prayer –

May this people and country be helped to finally live and control their own future.

May help from the outside honor their independence, allow them to raise their own food, mill their own flour, make their own cement, control their own telephone system.

May they have help from true friends and no longer be controled  from those seeking their wealth without respect.

May this tragedy and the outpouring of aid be a hopeful new beginning, making amends for the repression that has been its history.

May God comfort all the wounded and suffering and receive with Compassion those who perished.  Amen

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